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mig welding wire 1kg 5kg 15kg 20kg

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mig welding wire 1kg 5kg 15kg 20kg


ER70S-6 welding wire is a low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire,protected with pure Co2 or Ar+CO2 gas.Stable arc,low spatters,excellent fabrication weldability and lowsensitivity of weld gas porosity can be obtained during welding.It is suitable for all position welding especially with large welding current range.It can show very good welding performance.
·Suitable for single-pass and multi-pass welding for structures fabricated by carbon steel and 500MPa grade low alloy steel,such as vehicles,bridges,construction and mechanical structures etc.
a.Suitable for using shielding gas at the speed of 20-25 liters per minute. 
b.Windshield must be set up in the welding zone,due to gas porosity may be caused by strong wind.
c.Wire extention should be 10-20mm if the current range is under 300A and if above 300A,20-25mm.

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